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Brentwood/Timberlane Apartments
where can i order Keppra

Apartment · For Rent
from $440 per month
Wichita Falls


Brentwood Timberlane Apartments are conveniently located off of Maplewood Ave. in the heart of Wichita Falls, TX. Our large residential community consists of a variety of floor plans to accommodate your needs, including efficiency suites, one-bedroom, and two bedroom apartments. These spacious apartments feature energy efficient, totally electric kitchens, abundant closet space, individually controlled heat and air, double-paned patio doors, and wood-burning fireplaces. Our second story homes provide skylights and vaulted ceilings in addition to generous, well-lit parking areas. The property also consists of two swimming pools, a clubhouse, and two full-service laundry facilities.

Our excellent location provides easy access to downtown, MSU, Sheppard Air Force Base, schools, churches, shopping, and entertainment. Our caring and professional management team is here to cater to your needs and make your life as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

buy generic Keppra

Where to buy Keppra, Purchase Keppra

Efficiency $440/mo 500 sqft
Deposit/Fee $100 where to buy Keppra 500 mg
1 Bed 1 Bath $535/mo 683 sqft
Deposit/Fee $100 Keppra no prescription
2 Bed 1 Bath $595/mo 879 sqft
Deposit/Fee $200 order Keppra canada
2 Bed 2 Bath $655/mo 961 sqft
Deposit/Fee $200 where can i buy Keppra no prescription

The application fee to apply for an apartment is $35.


Reviews from current guests

“I am glad I found this cute little one bedroom apartment, it fits my needs and it is spacious and open! I love the vaulted ceilings and the open kitchen. The back porch is perfect for sipping coffee on early mornings and has enough space for a table and chairs! The complex is clean, well lit, and I feel safe here! Thank goodness I discovered Brentwood Timberlane Apartments!”

can i order Keppra online

We are Pet-Friendly!

Pet Deposit:
$100, Pet Fee: $300, Monthly Pet Rent: $20