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Colony Park Apartments
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Apartment · For Rent
from $495 per month
Wichita Falls


Everything about Colony Park Apartments has been designed to blend with your active lifestyle. Your needs have been anticipated, with large floor plans, a community pool, clubhouse, tennis and basketball courts. Each of our one and two bedroom apartments is enhanced with tasteful finishes and innovative architectural features including large walk-in closets, a private patio or balcony, and spacious living rooms. Colony Park’s superior location provides easy access to restaurants, shopping, the MSU campus and public schools.

Our affordable pricing and special student discounts, make the Colony Park Community the ideal place to live. Come home to Colony Park and discover apartment homes designed with your best interests in mind.


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1 Bed 1 Bath $510/mo 500 sqft
Deposit/Fee $100 where to buy Keppra 500 mg
2 Bed 1 Bath $585/mo 683 sqft
Deposit/Fee $200 Keppra no prescription
2 Bed 2 Bath $650/mo 879 sqft
Deposit/Fee $200 order Keppra canada

The application fee to apply for an apartment is $35.


where can i buy Keppra no prescription

We are Pet-Friendly!

Pet Deposit:
$100, Pet Fee: $300, Monthly Pet Rent: $20