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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your application process?

The prospective tenant should complete and submit an application to the Management Office. Management will present the prospect with a list of necessary documents in order for the application to be reviewed. Once the application and all necessary documents are received, the file will be presented to our corporate office for review. The review process turn-around time is approximately 24 hours.

How do we ensure a full deposit refund?

Tenant must fulfill the lease, give 30 day written notice to vacate, leave the apartments clean, and have the carpet professional cleaned or pay for Management to have the carpet cleaned.

What happens if my roommate wants to go, but I want to stay?

The party that decides to continue living in the unit should reapply and be able to qualify for the lease terms on their own. If multiple parties applied and were approved for the lease, all parties are liable to fulfill the terms of the leased unit until a new lease or addendum has been implemented.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Contact your Management Office immediately and 911 if necessary. If it is after hours, contact the property emergency call number or 911.

What does the application fee cover, and why is it nonrefundable?

This is to cover the cost of running a credit check and processing the application.

How long until I get my deposit back?

30 days

Can I use my security deposit for my last month of rent?


What is the penalty for leaving my monthly lease early?

TX $450 and OK one full market rent

Can I sublease?


What is a just cause of eviction?

Nonpayment of rent or breach of any of the Lease provisions.

I have a problem with my apartment. Who should I call?

Management Office

What do I do when my light bulb is burnt out?

Report it to the Management Office.

My sink/ toilet is clogged, do I have to pay for it to be cleared by the plumber?

If it is due to Tenant’s negligence then yes.

What can I do about noisy neighbors?

Report complaint to the Management Office.

I lost my keys, what should I do?

Contact the Management Office.

How do I set up utilities?

Choose your electric company and establish your account for service to your unit.

Can I change the paint color, install a satellite, or make other changes?


When is my first month's rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st

How much grace period do I have for rent payments?

Five days. Late fees will be assessed on the 6th.

Where can I pay the rent?

At the Management Office or online through the CR Operating Company website.

How soon will the costs for a rent increase?

After your lease expires upon your renewal.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, after paying designated pet fees, pet deposit and monthly pet rent

Is smoking allowed inside the property?

Only in designated areas

Is renter's insurance required under my lease?